Cultivate Happiness

Healing of the emotional body is essential in being able to live a life of joy and happiness.

Feed Your Soul

Love should be the constant emotion as it feeds our soul and impacts our physical, mental and spiritual body.

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Balance Your Energy

We can remove energy blocks and raise the vibration of the chakras by channeling healing energy through our chakras.

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Experience Wellness

Heal your emotional pain and connect to your authentic self; a place of happiness and love.

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Balanced Life

With the right spiritual guidance and healing therapies, you can experience a healthier lifestyle and greater happiness. Whether your goals are spiritual, physical or emotional, I can help you to focus and achieve your goals by clearing emotional blocks and allowing healing energy to flow freely.

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Reiki is a natural, effective and safe spiritual healing remedy that is suitable for everybody. This therapeutic treatment focuses on the life force energy that flows through every one of us. The emphasis is on regenerating and reviving that energy for positive results. Whether you are suffering from the stresses of modern day life, or a serious illness, Reiki can have a very beneficial effect on relieving pain and promoting recovery.

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Learn to Meditate

Meditation is an effective technique for helping de-stress, worry less and connect with our deeper self; a place of peace. Many people struggle with learning how to meditate as the mind fills with thoughts. They believe they cannot meditate and give up. With practice and self-compassion you can go beyond the mind and experience peace in your meditations. Contact me.

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Addiction, Reiki & Recovery

For most of us who have lived with addiction, whether our own or a loved one, it becomes obvious that the addict is dealing with a wide range of painful emotions including low self esteem, shame, anger, fear and guilt. An important part of working with addicts in recovery is the healing of the emotional pain body. Reiki’s ability to balance the emotional body and assist with healing painful emotions makes it a key therapy in recovery.

In her private practice Sheri works with clients in healing their emotional pain, clearing the chakras and connecting to their authentic self; a place of happiness and love. Her goal in working with clients is to help them cultivate happiness in their lives through becoming aware of their energy body and their divine light." Read more about Sheri or contact her.

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